1. Watch the sky


Describe a beautiful sky you remember


You should say:

・When this happens, in daytime or night

・Who you were with

・What you saw

・And explain why you think the sky is beautiful at that time


1. Is it good for children to learn about star and planets at school?

2. What is the influence of new technology on astronomy?

3. Is it necessary for people to spend lots of money on studying stars and planets?

2. Wait for something


Describe a time you decided to wait for something


You should say:

・What you were waiting for

・How long did you wait

・And explain why you wait for it


1. Will waiting make people treasure the result more?

2. Is patience bored with nature or nurtured?

3. How could parents nurture their children’s patience?

4. Will you choose to give up when you wait so long?

3. A famous person know from the news


Describe a famous person you know from the news


You should say:

・Who this person is

・When this person showed up on TV

・How you know this person

・And explain how you feel about this person


1. Who appears in the news report frequently in your country?

2. Is news always real?

3. Are both domestic news and international news important?

4. Which one is better, getting news from TV or from the newspaper?

5. Why do people pay much more attention to celebrities private lives than their work?

6. Why do people need to watch the news every day?

4. A long walk


Describe a long walk you enjoyed


You should say:

・Where you took this walk

・When you took this walk

・Who you walked with

・And explain why you like this walk


1. Do you often take walks?

2. Is walking good exercise?

3. Are outdoor activities important?

4. Do you agree that women have less leisure time than men?

5. Why do so many Japanese parents not allow their kids to play outside?

5. One day off


Describe something you would do if you were given a day off college


You should say:

・What you would do

・Which day you prefer

・Where you would like to do it

・And explain why you choose to do this


1. Do you think students should have more holidays?

2. Why do people need holidays?

3. What’s the difference between long holidays and short breaks?

4. Which one do you prefer, long holidays or short breaks?

5. How will you spend your long holiday?

6. Which one do you think is more important, your job or your family?

6. Law about the environment


Describe an environmental law


You should say:

・What law it s

・How this law will take effects

・Whether the environment has been improved by this law

・And explain what  the government should do to improve the environment


1. What kinds of rules are there in Japanese schools?

2. Can a school have no rules?

3. How do you feel about these rules?

4. Are there any rules for companies?

5. Should employee obey these rules?

6. What occupation do you think should be regulated by rules?

7. Art/craft activity


Describe an art or craft activity you did when you were in school


You should say:

・What it is

・When you did it

・Who you did it with

・And explain how you feel about this activity


1. Do you like traditional Japanese craft?

2. Do you know any traditional artists?

3. What should the government do for traditional art?

4. How do we improve the youth’s interest in traditional art?

8. Special festival


Describe a special festival in your country


You should say:

・What festival it is

・When does it happen

・What do people do at this festival

・And explain why it’s important


1. Do national festivals attract foreign people?

2. Do many people celebrate their birthday in Japan?

3. Who do people celebrate it with, friends or family?

4. Do Japanese celebrate more festivals such as Chrismas?

5. Do the Japanese go traveling during festivals?

9. Something noisy


Describe an occasion that something made noise


You should say:

・What kind of noise it is

・When this happened

・What you did when you heard the noise

・And explain how you feel about it


1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of noise?

2. Why do some people like listening to loud music?

10. A street


Describe a street you often go to


You should say:

・Where it is

・How often you go there

・When you usually go there

・And explain why you enjoyed visiting this street


1. How do you turn a street into a nice place?

2. Is it safe for people to walk on the street?

3. Is location important for a store?

4. How do you maintain the historical view of the street?

11. Traveling by plane


Describe a person who likes traveling by plane


You should say:

・Who the person is

・How you know this person

・Where he has been traveled

・And explains why he likes traveling by plane


1. What kind of transportation methods will people choose for travel?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by plane?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living close to the airport?

4. Which one do people prefer when they take a plane, comfortable seats or cheap ones?

12. A skill


Describe a skill you want to learn


You should say:

・What skill it is

・Who did you learn it from

・Whether it’s easy to learn

・And explain why you learn it


1. What kind of skills do children need to learn?

2. What are the differences between the skills women learn and the ones that men learn?

13. A success


Describe a success you had in your life


You should say:

・What success it is

・When and where this happened

・And explain how you felt about the success


1. What factors are important for success?

2. Why do some people dislike their job?

3. What are the methods that employers will employ to reward their employees?

4. Should people have goals?

14. A place you can read or write


Describe a place you can read or write(not your home)


You should say:

・Where it is

・How often you go there

・How long you usually stay there

・And explain why you think it’s a good place


1. What kind of places do you think are suitable for reading and writing?

15. Something to learn


Describe something you want to learn but can’t now


You should say:

・What it is

・How to learn it

・Why you want to learn it

・And explain why you can not learn it now


1. Is it difficult to learn that?

2. Do you like learning?

3. What do children learn at school?

4. And what do children learn at home? Which is better?

5. Are there any bad things that children learn from their parents?

6. Is it beneficial for kids to use cell phones?

7. Who can learn to use a high-tech product faster, young people or elderly people?

8. What are the differences between teachers and parents?

9. What influences do parents and teachers have on children?

10. Which is more important, the influence and education from teachers or parents?

11. What can be only taught by parents?

12. Are parents too busy teaching their children?

13. What are the common ways for people to learn computer science?

14. What should people do if they can not find some information online?

15. Who can learn computers faster, children or young people?

16. How do old people learn things?

17. Why do some parents not pay much attention to their children?

18. What can be the most efficient way to learn computer skills?

19. Do you prefer to learn skills?

20. Should children learn some social skills?

21. Should parents spend more time with their kids?

22. What effects will there be if parents can not spend more time with their kids?

23. Compare the skills women learn with those that men learn.

24. Do you think high school students should learn skills that will be useful in the workplace?

25. How important do you think it is for people to learn to use technologies?

26. How can elderly people learn how to use computers? Can repetition or practice help them learn faster?

16. A child made you laugh


Describe a time that a child did something that made you laugh


You should say:

・Who that child is

・What he/she did

・And explain why you laugh


1. Is it easy for children to be happy?

2. Is children the best phase in one’s life?

3. At which age do people usually have kids in your country?

4. What kind of skills should parents have?

17. Good leader


Describe a friend you know who is a good leader


You should say:

・Who the person is

・How you know this person

・What this person does

・And explain why you think the person is a good leader


1. Who makes decisions in your family?

2. Who is more important, the manager or the workers?

3. Is it good for a manager to ask workers for advice when he/she makes decisions? why? What’s the advantage of it?

18. Family event


Describe a happy family event your childhood


You should say:

・What the even was

・What and where it happened

・Who was with you

・And explain why you feel it was happy


1. What’s the family model in your country like? How many kids does each family have?

2. At which age do kids become adult in your country?

3. Will you celebrate when you reach adulthood?

19. Surprise


Describe a surprise you a had


You should say:

・When and where it happened

・Why you were surprised

・Who gave this surprise to you

・And explain why you felt about it afterward


1. Do you like surprises?

2. How do Japanese show there happiness?

3. How do the Japanese define happiness?

4. Can shopping make people happy?

5. How to encourage others to be happy and keep healthy?

20. Something interesting


Describe something interesting that you learn from the internet


You should say:

・What it is

・When you learn it

・And explain why you think it is interesting


1. What’s the difference between e-books and normal books?

2. Will e-books replace normal books?

3. Does the internet have a great influence on people’s lives?

4. Where do you usually get information?

21. Something you want to buy


Describe something you want to buy in the future


You should say:

・What the thing is

・What the thing looks like

・If it is expensive

・And explain why you want to buy it


1. How much time do young people usually spend on shopping? How about elderly people?

2. Why do some people like to go shopping in the street market?

3. What are the influences of consumption on the environment?

4. Why do some people dislike recycling?

22. Lost your way


Describe an occasion you lost you way


You should say:

・When you got lost

・Where you lost your way

・Why you lost your way

・And explain how you find the way


1. Do women lose their way more often than men?

2. Are there any high tech devices that can help people to avoid losing their way?

3. Which one is better, an electronic map or a normal map?

23. An unusual building


Describe an unusual building you’ve visited


You should say:

・What building it was

・When you went there

・Why you went there

・And explain why you think this building is unusual


1. Do all young newly married couples need new houses?

2. Why do some people like to live in old houses?

3. What facilities are needed for a house? Which one is the most important?

4. Does the design of a building matter?

24. Colorful place


Describe a place you remember which is full of color


You should say:

・Where the place is

・What you did there

・Why you went there

・And explain why this place is full of color


1. What’s the color for your room?

2. Will the color of a room affect your emotions?

3. What colors do women favor?

4. What is a boy likes pink? Is it an indicator of unhealthy psychological development?

25. An exciting sports


Describe an exciting sport you would like to do in the future


You should say:

・What the sport is

・How you knew about it

・How difficult it was

・And explain why you think it exciting


1. Why do some people like exciting sports?

2. Should the government set more regulations regarding these sports?

3. Do young people exercise more than old people?

4. Is playing sports important for a healthy life?

26. Cooking


Describe a person who is good at cooking


You should say:

・Who the person is

・What the person cook

・How he/she learned it

・And explain why you think he/she is good at cook


1. What kind of food do you like best?

2. Do Japanese families like to eat at home or outside?

3. Is the food price high in your country?

4. Is it important to have dinner together for a family?

27. Be friendly


Describe a person you don’t like but have to be friendly to


You should say:

・When and where it happened

・Why you don’t like him/her

・Who the person is

・And explain why must be friendly to him or her


1. What are the occasions when you need to be friendly?

2. What are some reasons for people to be friendly to a person they dislike?

3. Can important people be successful?

4. Do easy-going people tend to be more successful than others?

28. An ambition


Describe an ambition you have not achieved yet


You should say:

・What is it

・How long you had it

・Why you have it

・And explain why you want to achieve it


1. What ambitions do children usually have?

2. What ambitions do adults usually have?

3. Why do people have ambition?

4. Is it good to have great ambition?

29. An app


Describe an App on phones, computers or tablets you know


You should say:

・What the App is

・How does the app use for

・How did you know this App

・And explain why you use this app


1. Why do people always go for the latest technological products?

2. Describe a situation without technology

3. Talk about a technology that made life convenient

4. Do you often download apps?

5. What influences does technology have on people?

6. Do you think technology is useful?

7. Do you think technology always saves people’s time?

8. Do you think high-tech products could bring us convenience?

9. Is it a waste of time to use high-tech products?

10. What do you think about iPhone 6?

11. What impacts do high-tech products have on society?

12. Do high technologies always have positive influences?

13. Why do so many people run after the latest technology?

14. Is it easy for elderly people to learn high-tech products?

15. What useful apps do you usually download?

16. Should people pay for the applications they’ve downloaded?

30. Waste of time


Describe something that is a waste of time


You should say:

・What the thing is

・When you did this thing

・And explain why you think it is a waste of time


1. In what ways can people save time?

2. What are some occasions that people waste their time?

3. What are the possible ages for people to realize that they waste time doing something?

4. Should parents help their children to not waste their time?

5. People of what age group more easily waste their time?

6. Why do you think people need to go blank?

7. Would you say that you are good at managing your time?

8. Do you think people always waste time?

9. Do you think successful people manage time well?

10. Do successful people need to arrange their time?

11. How can you make life more productive?

12. Can you give some other examples of wasting time?

13. How do you manage your time?

14. Is it important to make a schedule?

15. How can people avoid wasting their time?

16. Why do people make plans?

17. How do you make plans?

18. What if the plan you made on your computer is lost?

19. How can parents and teachers teach children how to arrange their time?

20. Is doing nothing waste of time?

31. A good habit


Describe a good habit of your friends you want to develop


You should say:

・What the habit is

・Who has the good habit

・Why you think the habit is good

・And explain Why you want to develop this habit


1. What are children’s habits?

2. What are the changes in adults habits?

3. What’s your daily routine?

4. How could parents develop their children’s good habits?

5. What are the changes in adults’habits today compared with that in the past?

6. Will people’s habits change when they are older?

7. What good habits should children have?

8. Do you think your habits will change in the future when you are older?

9. Are people who have daily routine less creative? Is it common in Japan?

10. Do you want to share your good habits with your friends?

11. What are the habits of different countries in different situations?

12. Which kind of good habits is the most important for children?

13. Which kind of habits can not be changed when you are older?

32. A handsome person


Describe a beautiful or handsome person


You should say:

・Who the person is

・How do you know him/her

・What kind of person he/her

・And explain why you think he/she is beautiful


1. Why do some people pay so much attention to fashion while some old people don’t?

2. Where do people usually purchase clothes in your country?

3. Do you think online shops may replace normal shops?

4. Do good-looking people have advantages over other candidates in interviews?

33. A prize you won


Describe a prize you won


You should say:

・What kind of prize it was

・How you know that you won it

・How you won this prize


1. What the prize schools are willing to give to children?

2. How do employers encourage employees?

3. Is money a good reward to encourage employees?

4. What kind of prizes do children want?

5. What competitions do students have in primary schools?

6. Should children be rewarded with toys?

7. How could parents praise their children?

8. Can you give any examples of different prizes?

9. What are the reasons for setting prizes?

10. Do students need prizes?

11. Are prizes necessary for employees in a company?

12. What is the benefit of giving a prize?

34. Sports star


Describe a famous sports star you know


You should say:

・Who this person was

・What was special about he/she play

・What was special about him or her

・And explain why you admire him/her


1. What sport is popular in your country?

2. Does everyone like sports competitions?

3. What qualities should an excellent sportsman have?

4. What kind of sports do young people like to play in your country? Why?

5. What are the key factors that contribute to the success of athletes?

6. Are gifts important for the success of a sportsperson?

7. Will people attend sports competitions?

8. Should people take part in different games? Why?

9. Should children play sports?

10. Is it necessary to learn more than two kinds of sports?

11. Do adults have sports meetings?

12. Do you think it’s important to have coaches?

13. What could the coach do to help improve the skill level of the sportsmen?

14. Should children learn various kinds of sports or just focus on one?

15. Do you think the children in Japan have enough time for sports?

16. What do people in Japan think about competitive sports?

17. How do sportsmen achieve their goals?

18. How could the sportsmen be more professional?

19. What are the differences between male’s favorite sports and female’s favorite sports? Why are they different?

35. A traffic jam


Describe a time when you were caught in a traffic jam


You should say:

・When it happened

・Where it happened

・How you passed the time while waiting

・And explain how you felt when you were in that traffic jam


1. Do you prefer traveling by car or by bus?

2. How does having many cars in a city affect the environment?

3. When it comes to traffic conditions, what are the differences between Japan and other countries?

4. What are the differences between getting stuck on a bus than in a car?

5. What actions can be done to improve the situation?

6. Do you always suffer from traffic jams?

7. What’s your favorite mode of transportation?

8. How to avoid being caught in traffic?

9. Will there be more cars or less cars in the future?

36. Something you shared


Describe something you shared with other people


You should say:

・What it is

・Who you shared it with

・And explain why you shared it with other people


1. What are the advantages of sharing?

2. How do parents teach their children to share with others? Why?

3. Should people share food in parties? Why?

4. Should people share transportation tools?

5. What methods should be taken to enable people to share their transportation tools in cities?

6. Would you mind sharing something in public places?

7. Do people share their houses/homes?

8. If you have to share a room with others, do you think a clear rule is needed?

37. An interesting job


Describe someone who has an interesting job


You should say:

・Who the person is

・What he or she looks like

・When you knew him or her

・And explain why you think his or her job is interesting


1. Do you like that job?

2. Which is more important in choosing a job, interest or the pay?

3. What kind of jobs are popular for young people?

4. What kind of jobs are popular in Japan? Why are these kinds of jobs so popular?

5. Do you want to work in a big company or a small company?

6. Why does someone choose big companies or small companies?

7. What are the differences between big companies and small companies?

8. Is a city important for the development of a career?

9. In which city do you want to work?

10. What type of jobs does the Japanese prefer?

11. Which one do you prefer, full-time studying or studying and working at the same time?

12. What are the differences between a full-time student and a student with a part-time job?

13. What kind of jobs do people usually take in your country?

14. Do you know a lot of people who are focusing on the related field?

15. Do you change jobs quite often?

16. Do young people like to change jobs? Why?

17. Are careers important?

18. How to choose a job?

19. Is it difficult to find a job?

20. Is it good for young people to work in different regions?

21. What do you think about working far away from family?

22. Some people say that “interest in work can be boring”. What do you think about that?

23. What types of companies prefer to hire university graduates?

24. What effects do you think long working hours can have on the family lives of employees?

38. Advice


Describe a piece of advice someone gave you


You should say:

・Who gave you this advice

・What kind of advice he/she gave you

・Why he/she gave you this advice

・And explain how did the advice help you


1. Are Japanese people willing to listen to other’s advice?

2. Do you think one should have his/her own opinion and stick to it?

3. Do parents give advice to children for big decisions?

4. Will you make decisions by yourself for things like choosing a university?

39. Electronic device


Describe an electronic device you use in your life


You should say:

・What it is

・When you got it

・What it is used for

・And explain how you benefit from using it


1. Will using electronic machines make people lazier?

2. Do young people use mobile phone more frequently than old people do?

3. Will robots replace workers in factories in the future?

4. What if one electronic machine breaks down in your home? Will you fix it or buy a new one?

40. A future trip


Describe a trip you plan to take (in the near future)


You should say:

・Where you plan to go

・Who you plan to go with

・Why you plan to go there

・And explain what you plan to see and go on this trip


1. Where do people dream to travel?

2. What’s the difference between the scenery you see on TV and the ones you see in person?

3. Which one do you prefer, traveling alone or with family members?

4. Will you travel with strangers?