• 制限時間は4〜5分。
  • 各トピック(お題)が3つ。さらに各トピックについて複数の関連した問題が出題されます。
  • 問題は、自己紹介や日常についてが聞かれます。




Do you like tea or coffee?

As for myself, I guess I prefer to drink tea. cuz I don’t really think drinking a coffee good for health. And the tea is Japanese traditional drink.






1.Tea or coffee

1. Do you like tea or coffee?

2. What do Japanese people prefer, tea or coffee?

3. What do you usually prepare for your guests, tea or coffee?

4. When was the last time you drank tea or coffee?

2.Film star

1. Who is your favorite film star?

2. Do you think that international film star is famous in Japan?

3. Do you like a Japanese film star or international film star?

4. Have you ever met film stars in your life?

5. Do you want to be a film star?


1. Do you like to share things?

2. Have you ever shared anything with anyone?

3. What kinds of things do you like to share with others?

4. When you were kid, did your parents encourage you to share things with others

5. Is there anything you don’t want to share?

6. What do you think of shared vehicles?

7. What kind of things are not suitable for sharing?

4.Crowded place

1. What places do you think are often crowed?

2. How often do you go to crowded place?

3. When was the last time you were in a crowded place?

4. How do you feel when you are in crowded places?


1. Do you keep a pet?

2. Are there many people keeping pets in Japan?

3. Have you ever had a pet when you were young?

4. What pet will you keep if you want?

5. What kind of pets do you dislike?

6. Do you think it’s good to keep a pet at home?

7. Are there any disadvantages of keeping a pet?


1. Are you patient?

2. Were you patient when you were young?

3. Would you say you are a patient person?

4. Have you ever lost your patience?

5. How do you become impatient?

6. What is your attitude towards waiting?

7. Did you use to be more patient or less patient than you are now?

8. Do you think patience is important?

9. What do you think patience is?

10. How do you feel when other people are not patient?

11. Are you less or more patient when you are angry?

7.The area you live in

1. Do you like the are that you live in?

2. What are some changes in this area recently?

3. Do you know any famous people in your area?

4. Where do you like to go in that area?


1. How often do you write an email?

2. Which do you prefer email or text?

3. Do you think it’s important to replay Emails quickly?

4. What kinds of email do you receive that makes you happy?

5. Who do you write to?

9.Study and work

1. Are you a student or do you have a job?

2. What was the first school you attended?

3.What subjects do you like and dislike?

4. Did or do you like your high school?

5. What was your feeling about the first day you went to school/college?

6. Which school are you studying in?

7. Why did you choose this university/school?

8. Which city do you study in? Why did you select this city?

9. Do you like your proffessors and classmates? Why?

10. Where do you prefer to study?

11. Do you prefer to study in the morning or in the afternoon? Why?

12. What do you do during the process of long-time learning?

13. Why did you choose your current job?

14. Were you happy when you were in this company for the first day?

15. Do you like your current job? Why?

16. Why do some people choose to study abroad?

17. Which subject are you specialized in?

18. What subject do you find most useful?

19. Do you like school parties?

20. Do you think that your major is hard to study? Why?

10.Your Hometown

1. Where is your hometown?

2. What are some things you dislike about your hometown?

3. Do you want to live there forever?

4. Will you move to other plaeces?

5. Do you like your hometown?

6. How any changes happend in your family?

7. How many people are there in your family?

8. Where do they come from?

9. Is it suitable for the elderly or the young to live?

10. How is the transportation in this city?

11. Does everyone need to learn how to drive?

12. Do your parents live in the same city?

13. Is your hometown suitable for growing up?

14. Do you think your hometown is a good city, why?

15. Can you recommend a place in your hometown?

16. Is there anything special about your hometown?

17. What would you intriduce to travelers in your hometown?

18. What do you think are the beautiful views in your hometown?


1. Where do you live?

2. Do you live in a house or dorm(flat)?

3. Which one do you prefer, apartment or house?

4. Is it a convennient place to live in?

5. Are ther any facilities in the place you live in?

6. Which room do you like best in your apartment?

7. What do you dislike about this place?

8. Do you know anyone there?

9. What kind of people live nearby?

10. Are there any famous people living near your home?

11. Who do you live with?

12. Do you think it’s a suitable place for living?

13. Is it a suitable place to raise a child?

14. Do you know your neighbours well?

15. What are the upsides and downsides of the place that you live in?

16. Will you stay in that place for a very long time?

17. Would you like to change where you live?

18. Where do you want to live in the future?

19. Is it suitable for kids and the elderly to live?

20. Do you live with your parents, why?

21. Which kind of houses do young people want to live in?

22. What kind of house do you live in?


1. Do you like travelling by train, by car or by air? why?

2. How often do you travel by train?

3. Do people in your city travel by taxi?

4. When did you last take a taxi?

5. Is travelling by train  very popular in Japan?

6. Were there interesting people ot things you encountered while travelling by train?

7. Are there underground trains in your city? Why do we need them?

8. Do you take the underground quite often?

9. Should everyone have their own car?

10. Describe your last experience of taking a taxi.

11. Do you prefer to drive your car or take a taxi?

12. Do you think there are too many cars on the road?


1. How many hours do you sleep every day? Why?

2. Is it necessary to sleep enough?

3. Is taking a nap important?

4. Do old people sleep a lot?

5. Do you think staying up late is a good thing?


1. Do you like to watch the sky?

2. Do you prefer the sky during the dayor at night?

3. Have you taken any courses about stars or planets?

4. Do you like looking at the stars?

5. Where is a good place to watch stars?


1. Do you like taking photos?

2. How do you take photographs?

3. Do you take photographs with mobile phone?

4. Which one is better, to take photos with a camera or a mobile phone?

5. Describe your experience of taking pictures with your friends.

6. Do you take photos quite often?

7. What do you like to take photos of?

8. Is it necessary for you to learn photography in the future?

9. Do you like cameras?

10. How do you save your photos?

11. How do you think you will keep(save) your photos in the future?

12. Are there any photos hanging on your wall at home?

13. Would you say photographs are a good way to preserve memories?

14. What are the ways to know more about photography?

15. Do you prefer to take photos yourself or to have other people take photos?

16. How often do you take photos?

17. In what situations do you take photos?


1. Which season rains more?

2. Do you like raining?

3. When will it rain?

4. What kind of weather do you like the most?

5. Do you like freezing cold or extreme weather?

6. Where has the most rain in Japan?

7. Does weather have any influence on you?

8. Do you discuss weather with others?

9. How do you feel about rainy days? And how about a rainy day in summer?

10. Does it rain quite often in Japan?

11. Do you think the climate in Japan is different from that in the past?

12. Do you think the climate in Japan is gettin worse than before?

13. Which season do you like best, why?

14. Which one do you prefer, a place with changeable seasons or a place with unaltered seasons?

15. Do you agree that weather will affect people?

16. Do you prefer dry or wet weather?

17. What kind of weather is typical in your hometown?

17.Public Holiday

1. Should more holidays be added?

2. What do you usually do in holidays?

3. Doses your country have many public holidays?

4.Which one do you like best?

5. Who would you like to go on holiday with?

6. Who would you like to go on holiday with?

7. Where do you plan to go for holidays in the future?


1. Which one do you prefer, writing by hand or using computer?

2. How often do you write by hand?

3. How do you feel about handwriteing?

4. Do you like handwriting greeting cards?

5. Can people judge a person from his/her handwriting?

6. Is handwriting important?

19.Drinking water

1. How often do you drink water?

2. What kinds of water do you like to drink?

3. Do you drink bottled water or water from water machines?