1. A sport you’ve learnt


Describe a sport you have learnt for the first time


You should say:

・What the sport is

・When and where you learned it

・How you learned it

・And explain why you like it


1. Do you play any sports at night?

2. What are the benefits of playing sports?

3. What’s the difference between playing sports?

4. Do children need to exercise?

5. Why do people need to play sports?

2. Dinner with friends 


Describe a dinner that you had with your friends


You should say:

・When and where you had the dinner

・Who you ate the dinner with

・What you ate

・And explain how you felt with this dinner


1. Do Japanese people like to eat at home?

2. How often do Japanese people eat out?

3. Why do some people like to eat alone?

4. Are there any disadvantages of eating outside?

5. What’s the difference between having meals at home and in a restaurant?

6. Why do some people keep eating healthy food even if they already know the harm?

3. A family you like


Describe a family (not your own) that you like


You should say:

・What kind of family it is

・How you know about it

・What you did together

・And explain why you like it


1. In a typical Japanese family, who plays the leading role?

2. In Japan, What kinds of family members usually live together?

3. Do young and the middle-aged people live with old people?

4. How do grandparents educate their grandchildren in your country?

4. Your dream


Describe a dream you have had


You should say:

・What dream it is

・What you would do to get it

・And explain why you have this dream


1. What’s the difference between dreams and goals?

2. Would you separate the dream from reality?

3. How do you achieve your goal?

4. What kinds of goals do young people usually have?

5. What will be the most popular jobs in the future?

5. An interesting novel


Describe an interesting novel or story


You should say:

・When and where you read the novel or story

・What the novel or story was about

・What characters were in the novel or story

・And explain how you felt about it


1. What kinds of stories do children like to learn?

2. How often do people in your country read novels?

3. What kinds of novels do old people like to read?

4. What are the benefits of listening to stories or reading novels?

5. Are you a good storyteller?

6. A goal to achieve


Describe a goal you’d like to achieve in the future


You should say:

・What it is

・Why you would like to achieve this goal

・Whether you can achieve the goal easily

・And explain what you need to do to achieve this goal


1. Should parents set goals for children?

2. When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

3. What kinds of goals are not realistic?

4. What do people set goals? what would you feel if you couldn’t achieve your goals?

7. Happy event


Describe a recent happy event that you had


You should say:

・When this happened

・What the event was

・Who was with you

・And explain why you felt happy about it


1. How would you define happiness?

2. What kinds of things make Japanese people feel happy?

3. Do you think people will be happy when they become richer?

4. Why do some people say happiness never lasts long?

5. What do you do when you feel unhappy?

6. Do you think money can make people happy?

7. Do you think rich people are always happy?

8. Are Japanese people happier than they were 30 years ago?

8. Weather changed your plan


Describe an occasion when the weather changed your plan


You should say:

・When it was

・Where it happened

・What you did at the end


1. Where can people get weather reports?

2. How do weather reports affect people’s life?

3. What do people do on rainy days and sunny days?

4. Has climate change affected your country?

5. Does the weather affect your mood?

9. Communicating in a foreign language


Describe the first time you communicated with someone in a foreign language


You should say:

・When and where it happened

・Who you talked to

・What you talked about

・And explain how you felt about communicating in a foreign language


1. What do you think of children learning a foreign language?

2. Why are some language classes boring?

3. Some students hate to learn foreign languages, what can teachers do to develop their interest?

4. Some people travel for learning a foreign language, what do you think?

5. What’s the best way to learn a foreign language?

6. Why can some people learn languages fast while others learn slowly?

7. Does one’s age affect their language learning?

10. A short trip


Describe a short trip that was special to you


You should say:

・Where you went

・Who you were with

・What you did

・And explain why it was special to you


1. Are there any special places for visiting in Japan

2. Do Japanese people like to travel abroad?

3. What can people benefit from traveling?

4. Do you like to travel on your own or with your family?

5. Do you like to visit popular places or less-known places?

11. Long journey


Describe a long car journey you enjoyed


You should say:

・Where you went

・When and why you went there

・What landscapes you saw

・And explain why this was such an unforgettable trip


1. Have you ever shared this traveling experience with your friends?

2. What do you need to prepare when you travel to a place far away?

3. What choices would young people make when it comes to travel?

4. What problems do you think will happen a long journey?

5. How can people make the long journey comfortable?

6. Do most people like to travel with someone or travel alone?

7. Where do Japanese people like to travel to the most?

8. Do you prefer to travel in your own country or travel abroad?

9. What do people go aboard for?

10. What advantages does tourism bring to a country?

11. Do you prefer to travel alone or travel with your family?

12. What are the differences between traveling alone and traveling with others?

13. What places are more attractive to young people in Japan?

14. What are the benefits of traveling alone?

15. What are the benefits of traveling with other people?

16. What do you like doing on your journey?

17. Do you prefer traveling by car or by train?

18. Are trains always delayed?

19. What is the most suitable time to travel to your hometown?

20. Compare long-distance travel with traveling short distances?

21. Do you think traveling overseas can contribute to a person’s education?

22. Is it easy to get a visa to most countries?

23. What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling in a tour group?

24. What might be the differences between young people and the old when choosing the travel destination?

12. An important job


Describe an important job in your country


You should say:

・What kind of job it was

・Where the person works

・What does a person do in the job

・And explain why you think it is important


1. How do young people choose their career in your country?

2. Do schools give young people advice when they are choosing a career?

3. What sorts of a job are most popular for young people in your country?

4. What preparations should students make before looking for a job?

5. What could schools help to do with that?

6. Should every student go to university?

7. What knowledge can students gain in high school?

8. What factors do employers pay attention to?

9. Why do some people say that money is not important?

10. What kind of working environment can be good?

11. Has the working environment improved in Japan?

12. What kinds of working environment need to be improved?

13. How to improve the working environment?

14. Why do many people not want to be factory workers?

15. What can be the suitable age for people to go for a job?

16. Usually, when do most people in your country start a full-time job?

17. Is it good for children to take part-time jobs? Are there any negative impacts?

18. What role does a school play in helping people find jobs?

19. Do you think a diploma is important?

20. Is it competitive for graduates to apply for the job?

21. Compare the salary and benefits of a job with that in the past.

22. Why do some people choose to work in a small company?

23. What do people work for?

24. Compare full-time jobs with part-time jobs.

25. Would you agree that all jobs have some value?

26. Do you think it’s good to change jobs frequently?

27. Why do people sometimes lose interests in their jobs?

28. What qualities do companies require when they hire young people?
29. Will people feel regret after they go to big cities?

30. What kind of people can find satisfactory jobs?

13. Conversation


Describe an interesting/important conversation you had


You should say:

・Who the person you talk to was

・Where and when you talked with the person

・What you talked about with the person

・And explain why it was interesting


1. Do you think women like to chat more than men?

2. When men chat with other men, do they usually talk about the same things that women do when they chat with other women?

3. What is the difference between chatting and gossiping?

4. Why do people feel nervous when they have a presentation?

5. Are images and videos helpful for a presentation?

6. Do men and women talk about the same topics when they have a conversation?

7. Are you polite with other’s suggestions? Is it good to be polite in that case?

8. Do you think young people and elder people have the same topics?

9. Which do you think is better, to communicate face to face or to talk on the phone?

14. Foreign country


Describe a foreign country you want to visit but you haven’t been to


You should say:

・What country it is

・Where it is

・How it looks like

・And why you want to visit it


1. Where do most of the people go in your country?

2. What are the differences between traveling to other countries and living there?

3. Do you think we need to respect the region and culture when you go to other countries?

4. What are the effects of globalization?

5. What are the advantages of traveling?

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages brought by traveling to a country?

7. What are the advantages of traveling alone?

8. Why do more and more people choose to travel abroad?

9. Will you choose to travel abroad or take nationwide travel?

10. What are the advantages of nationwide travel?

11. What foreign countries will you choose to be a destination for travel? why?

12. What are the disadvantages of nationwide travel? How to solve this problem?

13. Will you choose to use a travel agent?

14. Will you travel to Africa?

15. Travel causes pollution problems. How will we change this?

16. What advice would you give to the foreigners traveling to your country?

17. What kind of trouble would be caused by travelers?

15. Something forgot to do


Describe an important thing that you have forgotten


You should say:

・When did it happen

・What did it happen

・And explain why you forgot to do it


1. Can taking notes help remember important things?

2. Will you use electronic devices such as a mobile phone to take notes?

3. Do young people have a better memory than old people?

4. How can people enhance their memory?

16. A person speaks a foreign language


Describe a person who can speak a foreign language


You should say:

・Who the person is

・What foreign language he/she can

・How often the person uses the language

・And explain why the person can learn the language well


1. Can the Japanese speak English well?

2. Can foreigners speak Japanese well?

3. Which one is easier, writing English or speaking English?

4. Is English widespread and having a great impact?

5. Is it much easier for children to learn English compared with adults?

17. Disagreement 


Describe a time you had a disagreement with your friend


You should say:

・What kind of disagreement was

・When it happened

・What the result was

・And explain how you felt about it


1. How do you feel about disagreements between children?

2. What do children usually argue for?

3. Did you have disagreements with your parents when you were young?

4. What’s your attitude towards disagreements between friends?

18. Dress well


Describe a person you know who dresses well


You should say:

・Who the person is

・What this person does for a living

・What this person usually wears

・And explain why you think this person dresses well


1. What do people usually go shopping?

2. What’s the difference between shopping in the mall and shopping online?

3. Do you think a person who dresses well can leave a better impression on others?

4. Will you dress formally for an interview?

5. What are the differences between current fashion and fashion in the past?

19. Suprised to meet someone


Describe a time when you felt surprised to meet someone


You should say:

・When this happened

・Who this person was

・What did you do together on that day

・And explain why you thought it was a surprise to meet this person


1. How to get along with foreigners?

2. How to overcome the culture difference?

3. Why is it necessary for people to meet strangers?

4. How can the Japanese make friends?

5. Is it easier to make friends now than in the past?

6. What quality is the most important for a friend?

20. Cafe


Describe a cafe or restaurant you enjoy


You should say:

・What special features it has

・What kind of food they offer

・How often you go there

・And explain why you enjoy going there


1. Have you been there recently?

2. Is healthy food important to you?

3. Are there many restaurants that offer healthy food?

4. What kinds of food are unhealthy?

5. Does the environment matter for a restaurant?

6. If a type of food is not healthy, should the advertisement for this type of food be banned?

21. Job


Describe a paid job you or someone you know did and enjoyed


You should say:

・What the job is

・When and where you did it

・What you or the person did

・And explain why you or the person enjoyed it


1. What kind of jobs are popular in Japan?

2. Is the financial industry popular in Japan?

3. Are qualifications important for a job?

4. Do people communicate with others while they are working?

5. Do family businesses pay much attention to individual capability?

6. Is it good to quit a job?

7. Do you think old people should retire when they are 55 or 60?

22. Got up early 


Describe a time you remembered that you got up extremely early


You should say:

・When you got up early

・How you got up early

・And explain why you got up extremely early


1. How do you feel about living in a country with short days?

2. How does the weather affect people’s lives?

3. Does your country take advantage of light power reasonably?

4. Why can someone get up so early?

5. Is it important to take naps?

6. Who gets up earlier, the young or the old?

7. Has the government done enough to exploit new energy?

8. What are the advantages and disadvantages for those who live in a place that has long days or long nights?

23. Educational TV programs


Describe a series of educational TV programs


You should say:

・How you first knew about it

・When and where you watched it

・What the content was

・And explain what you like and dislike about it


1. Is there any other kind of TV programs that are popular in Japan?

2. How do you feel about the advertisement?

3. Should the number of advertisements be reduced?

4. Are entertainment TV programs less popular than Educational TV programs?

24. Stage


Describe an important age/stage of your life


You should say:

・When it was

・Where you were living

・What you were doing

・And explain why you enjoyed it


1. Do you celebrate these important stages?

2. How do people celebrate their 18th birthday in your country?

3. What responsibilities should people take when they reach 18?

4. Is it necessary for people to prepare for their next stage?

5. Is childhood the happiest stage in one’s life?

6. When do people get married in your country?

25. Local area


Describe a change that will improve your local area


You should say:

・What the change is

・Why it is needed

・Whether there will be any problems from it

・And explain how it will improve your local area


1. Where do people usually meet in your local area?

2. Do you think high technology will harm human beings?

3. Is development always good or not?

4. Do changes have a great impact on people’s lives?

26. Kid


Describe something a kid did that made you laugh


You should say:

・What this kid did

・Who the kid is

・When it happened

・And explain why it made you laugh


1. Do kids smile more often than adults do?

2. Do kids smile more easily than adults do?

3. Is there a time when a kid laughed but you didn’t?

4. Do you think laughing is helpful for one’s health?

5. Do you think childhood is the happiest stage in one’s life?

27. Place to relax


Describe a place to relax


You should say:

・Where the place is

・What is it like

・How to spend time there

・explain why you can relax there


1. Where do the Japanese usually go for relaxation?

2. Do people go to the cinema?

3. Do people spend lots of money on watching movies?

4. What’s the difference between watching movies at home and watching movies in the movie theater?

5. How do companies let their employers get relaxed?

28. Educational trip


Describe an educational trip took when you were at school


You should say:

・When you took this trip

・Where did you go

・Whom you went with

・And explain how you felt about this trip


1. And educational trips beneficial for children?

2. Is it good for children to study at home?

3. Do teachers receive high salaries in your country?

4. Which one is better, studying in the classroom or studying outdoors?

29. A gift


Describe a gift you took a long time to prepare


You should say:

・What the gift was

・Who you prepare this gift for

・How the person feels when receiving it

・And explain why it took you a long time


1. Do you send gifts to others quite often?

2. What kind of gifts are popular in your country?

3. Are there some special gifts in your country?

4. What is the difference between the gifts sent nowadays and sent in the past?

5. If you have a child, when will you give presents to him/her?

6. How do you feel about receiving an expensive gift?

30. Historical place


Describe a historical place that you visited


You should say:

・Where it is

・What it looks like

・What you can do there

・And explain why you visit it


1. Why do people go to these historical places?

2. Can you tell me something about historical music or films?

3. Is there any implied meaning of this building?

4. What should the government do if someone is against the proposal to restore the historic buildings?

5. Does everyone think old buildings are important?

6. From your perspective, do Japanese like visiting the history museum?

7. What kind of buildings should government protect and preserve?

8. Should people pay to visit it?

9. Should the government pay for everyone?

10. What are the attitudes of young people and elderly people toward these buildings? How about you?

11. What’s the influence of historical buildings?

12. What kind of historical sites do young people in Japan like?

13. How can people discover historical sites?

14. How can Japanese students learn history?

15. Do you like your history teacher?

16. How can teachers improve their skills in history classes?

17. Is it important for people to know about the history of their own country?

18. How do people know something about historical places?

19. What are the two most famous historical places in your country?

20. Can films help people know something about historical places?

21. Do we need to punish someone who damages historical places?

22. Despite the forbidden city and museums, what can be categorized as historical places?

23. Are there any historical places in your hometown?

24. Which one do you prefer, natural sceneries or historical places?

25. Do you think that architectural styles are the same in your country?

26. Why should architecture styles should be the same?

27. Should the government supervise architecture styles? why?

31. Film


Describe a film you want to watch again


You should say:

・What the film is

・Where you saw the film

・When you saw the film

・And explain why you want to watch it again


1. What kind of movies do Japanese like?

2. What type of American film is popular in Japan?

3. Do you like watching foreign movies? Which type do you like?

4. Why do you like this type of movie?

5. Does everyone like romantic movies?

6. Are action movies popular in Japan?

7. Is it easy for you to get the main idea of this movie?

8. Do you think these movies can portray the real life of these countries?

9. Can you learn the culture of a country by watching their films?

10. Have you ever visited a foreign country?

11. Do you think foreign movies are popular in your country?

12. Is it good to learn English by watching foreign films?

13. Which one do more good for learning language, books or films?

14. Do the Japanese have difficulty to watch a film in Japanese?

15. Can you learn the whole film by just listening?

16. Talk about the differences in Japanese films and American films.

17. Do you prefer to watch a film at home or in the cinema?

18. Do you think it’s necessary to have superstars in the film?

19. How do people in Japan get foreign films?

32. A special trip


Describe a special trip you have took and want to talk again


You should say:

・Where it is

・Why you went there

・How long you stayed there

・And explain why you think it was a special trip


1. Where do Japanese like to take a trip?

2. Is it troublesome to take a trip?

3. Which transportation do Japanese usually take on trips?

4. Do you prefer to travel alone or with your friends?

33. Family member


Describe a family member you like to spend long periods of time with


You should say:

・Who he/she is

・What kind of person he/she is

・If you had worked together before

・And explain why you think he/she is good at cook


1. Is it important for family members to get together?

2. What do you usually do together?

3. How do parents get along with kids?

4. Should young people spend more time with old people?

5. What is the typical life of an old person?

6. What is the structure of the typical family in Japan?

7. What are the pros and cons of three generations living together?

8. In a typical Japanese family, who is the dominant person, the mother or the father?

9. Ideally, what roles do you think men and women should play in a family?

10. What’re the differences between help from family members and help from friends?

11. Do you think family relationships are important?

34. An activity to keep fit


Describe an activity you do keep fit


You should say:

・What it is

・When you started it

・Whether you enjoy it

・And explain why you think it can help you to keep fit


1. Is it difficult to do activities to keep fit?

2. What do children do to keep fit?

3. What do adults do to keep fit?

4. What do schools do to help students keep fit?

35. Teamwork


Describe something you did with a group of people


You should say:

・What the thing was

・When and where you did it

・Whom you did it with

・And explain why you did it with a group of people or what you learned from doing things with a group of people


1. Is it good for children to take part in the teamwork?

2. Is a leader important for teamwork?

3. What are the disadvantages of teamwork?

4. Which one do you prefer, project-based teamwork or function-based teamwork?

5. What is necessary for people to be good team members (not leader)?

36. Something you borrowed


Describe something you borrowed


You should say:

・What the thing is

・Who lent you this thing

・And explain why you want to borrow it


1. Do people feel embarrassed when they request things back from friends?

2. What do people usually borrow from others?

3. Do others often borrow things from you?

4. Are you willing to lend something to others?

5. What will you do if others want to borrow something that you also need?

6. What are the drawbacks when you borrow something from others?

7. Do people in Japan like shopping? Why?

8. What do you like or dislike about the big shopping centers?

9. Why do some people dislike borrowing things from others?

10. Do people borrow money from others?

11. What kind of things are not suitable to borrow?

12. What kind of things does Japanese like to borrow?

13. Will you borrow things from your neighbor?

14. Will you be shy of borrowing things?

15. What if someone forgets to return things to you?

16. Will you borrow money from your friends?

37. An indoor game


Describe an indoor game you enjoyed when you were a child


You should say:

・What the game was

・When, where and with whom you usually played it

・How you knew this person

・And explain what was special about this game


1. What kind of games do children usually play nowadays?

2. Do girls and boys play the same kind of games?

3. What kind of games will be developed in the future?

4. What’s the difference between games nowadays and those in the past?

5. What influences do computer games have on Japanese?

6. Will boys welcome a girl to play football with them?

38. A childhood song


Describe a song you listened to that you remember in your childhood


You should say:

・Where you first heard this song

・How old you were when you first heard it

・What it was about

・And explain how you feel now when you hear this song


1. Why does taste in music change with your age?

2. Why do some old people like opera?

3. Will you listen to music when you are doing homework?

4. Do different stores broadcast different background music?

5. Where do people usually sing songs?

39. A successful company


Describe a small successful company that you know


You should say:

・What kind of company it is

・What this company does

・How did you know it

・And explain why you think this company is successful


1. What types of businesses are there in your hometown?

2. Are you willing to work in a family business?

3. What kind of new media are there in Japan?

4. How to run a business successfully?

5. What’re the disadvantages of a family business?

40. A photograph


Describe a photograph or painting you like in your home


You should say:

・Which room it is

・Who took/bought this photograph/painting

・What the photograph or painting is

・And explain why you like it


1. Is painting important for children?

2. Will people keep on painting after they retire?

3. Do your family members like this photo/painting?

4. Is it good for young people to learn the arts?