• 制限時間は4〜5分。
  • 各トピック(お題)が3つ。さらに各トピックについて複数の関連した問題が出題されます。
  • 問題は、自己紹介や日常についてが聞かれます。





1. Do you enjoy dancing?

2. Has anyone ever taught you to dance?

3. Does Japan have any traditiona dances?

4. Do old people in Japan like the same kind of dancing as young people?

5. Do you think that traditional dancing will be popular in the future? Why or Why not?


1. Do you like science?

2. Are there many science museums in your hometown?

3. Did you like science classes when you were young?

4. Do you think schoolchildren should have art classes and science classes?

5.Do you think science is important to your society?


1. Do you like collecting things made by hand?

2. Did you ever take handcrafts lessons at school?

3. Are handcrafts popular in Japan?

4. Do you think children should learn more about handcrafts?

5. Do you think handcrafts are meaningful activities?


1. Hpw often do you ride bicycles?

2. Is it difficult to learn how to ride a bicycle?

3. Is it popular to ride bicycles in your country?

4. When was the last time you used your bicycle?

5. Do you think bicycling is very convenient for people in modern life?

6. How would you teach your children how to ride a bicycle?

5.Study Efficiency

1. Do you prefer to study in the morning or in the evening?

2. Why do some people find it discult to focus in the morning?

3. What do you do to improve your learning efficiency?


1. Do you like snacks?

2. What kind of snacks do you like to eat?

3. When do you take snacks?

4. Are snacks nowdays different from those you had in the past?

5.Do your parents allow you to eat snacks?

6. Is it healthy to eat snacks?


1. Do Japanese like swimming?

2. Can you swim?

3. Do you like to swim in the swimmingpool or at the beach?

4. Why is swimming important?

8.Being In a hurry

1. When was the last time you didsomething in a hurry?

2. Do you like to finish things quickly?

3. What kind of things do you never do in a hurry?

4. Why do people make mistake more easily when they are in a hurry?


1. When was the last you worked with a team?

2. Do you like to work or study with others or just by yourself?

3. What’s the most important thing for teamwork?

4. Do you like to be a leader?

10.The Countryside

1. Would you like to live in the countryside in the future?

2. What do people living in the countryside like to do?

3. What are the benefits of living in rural areas?

4. What’s the difference between living in the city and living in the countryside?

11.Text Messages

1. Do you useually make phone calls or send text messages?

2. Which do you prefer if there’s something important?

3. Do you think text messages can convey the information well?

4. Is there any situation when texting someone is better than calling them?

12.Being Alone

1. When was the lat time you were alone?

2. What do you like to do when you are alone?

3. Do you wish to have more time alone?

4. Is it important to have some time alone?


1. Do you have a good memory?

2. How do you remember things?

3. Will you forget something important?

4. What do you have to remember every day?


1. Do you like any teacher of yours?

2. Who is your favorite teacher in school?

3. What have you learnt from this teacher?

4. Do you still keep in touch with your teacher?


1. Do you like to watch films?

2. Do you prefer foreign films or Japanese films?

3. How often do you go to a cinema to watch a movie?

4. Do Japanese people like to go to a cinema to watch a film?

5. What kind of movies do you like best?

6. What was the first film that you watched?

16.Fruits And Vefetable

1. Do you like eating fruits and vegetables?

2. Do you have easy access to fruits and vegetables where you live?

3. Do you think eating fruits and vegetables is important?

4. What’s your favorite fruit?

5.When do you eat it?

6. How often do you eat fruit?

17.Your Name

1. What’s your full name?

2. Who gave you your name? and whydid she or he give you this name?

3. What do other people usually call you?

4. Would you like to change your name?

5. Do you have any special traditions about naming children?

6. Who names children(babies) in your country?Do you like your name?

7. Does your name have any special meaning?

8. What kinds of names are popular in Japan?

9. Are there many Japanese people who have the same as you?

10. Is there any tradition in naming babies?


1. Do you think people would like to spend a great amount of money on clothing?

2. Do you wear different clothes when you are at school and at home?

3. What do you usually wear when you’re at chool?

4. What do you wear for a party?

5. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

6. Should people wear different types of clothes when they enter into the society?

7. Do you change clothes frequently?

8. Do Japanese spend too much money on clothig?

9. Are there any other types of clothes that you want to try?

10. Did you parents dress you up to attend parties when you were  a child?

11. Do you have  an experience of attending  a party with weird clothing?

19.TV programs

1. Do you watch TV quite often?

2. How long will you allow your kids to watch TV?

3. What kind of TV programs do you like to watch?

4. Do you children watch TV a lot?


1. When was the first time you met your best friend?

2. What did you do together?

3. Do you like to have a lot of friends orjust several close friends?

4. How often do you spend your time with your friends?

5. What do you do with them?


1. Do you like reading books?

2. Where do you read?

3. Are you reading any books at this moment?

4. Did you read much when you were a child?

5. Do you children like reading books?

6. What do you think are the benefits of reading to children?


1. Which do you prefer, Email or letter?

2. Will Emails replace letters in the future?

3. Who often send you Emails?

4. How often do you check your mailbox?


1. Do you often read newspapers?

2. Which do you prefer reading, magazines or newspapers?

3. What kind of newspapers do you usually read?

4. Do you think it’s important to read newspapers?


1. Describe the history of your country.

2. Have you ever visited a history museum?

3. Do you like watching history documentaries?

4. When did you last read a history book?

5. Does your country have great development nowadays?

6. Do you love your country?

7. Does your country have great differences with other countries?


1. What colour do you like best?Why?

2. What colour would you choose for your room?

3. Which colour did you like to wear when you were a child?

4. Did you like to wear bright-coloured clothes when you were a child?

5. What colour would you like to choose for your car?

6. Is colour important for a car?

7. Do you like dark colours?

8. Are there any colours you dislike?

9. Do you usually wear clothes in yourfavorite colour?

26.Time Management

1. How do you organize your time?

2. Why do you organize your time?

3. Would you say ypu are good at managing your time?

4. Where did you learn how to organize your time?


1. Should parents be strict to their children?

2. What’s the most valuable thing parents can give to thir children?

3. Are parents the best teachers for children?

4. Do your parents teach you lots of things than cannot be learnt in school?


1. Do you do anything to keep healthy?

2. How do people maintain good health?

3. What would you say is a healthy lifestyle?

4. Did you or you get exercise at school?


1. Do you often feel happy?

2. What makes you happy?

3. What do you think of happiness?

4. Doyou smile quite often?


1. What kind of gifts do you prefer to receive?Why?

2. Do you like to send gifts to others?

3. What do you usually give to others as gifts?

4. What kind of gifts did you like when you were a kid?

5. Is it good to send gifts to others?

6. What was the best gift you received when you were a kid?

7. Will you pick gifts online?

8. How often do you buy others gifts?

9. Do you like to send expensive gifts?

10. What kinds of gifts are popular in your country?

11. Why do people send gifts?


1. Do you like shopping?

2. When did you do shopping last time?

3. Why do you like shopping?

4. What brands of clothing do you like?Why?

5. Do you go shopping on line quite often?Why?

6. Do you want to work in a store?Why?

7. What do you like to purchase?

8. Do you like to purchase on line or in stores?

9. Do you like to go shopping in big stores or small shops?

10. Willl you choose a specific date for shopping?


1. Is punctuality important?

2. Do you like to wait for others?

3. What is the advantage of being punctual?

4. Are you punctual?

5. Do you like to wear a watch?

6. How is your time management?

7. What do you do to improve your time management?


1. What sports do you like the best?

2. Do you like to watch sports on TV?

3. Do you have a favorite sports star?

4. What’s the most popular sport in Japan?

5. Have you tried any dangerous sports?

6. What kinds of sports would you like to try in the future?

34.Leisure Time

1. What activities do you usually do in your spare time?

2. Is taking a break important?

3. When you finish your homework, What do you do?

4. Do you do some housework?

5. What are the benefits for children to do housework?

6. Which kind of games do you think are suitable for parents and their children?Why?

7. When do you go to bed?

8. Did you spend more time sleeping compared with the present situation?


1. What kind of trees are planted inthe place you live in?

2. What kind of tree do you like?

3. What kind of trees are famous in Japan?

4. Do you like to plant trees?

5. Do you think trees are important?


1. How often do visitors come to your house?

2. How do you treat these visitors?

3. What do you usually prepare for these guests? Who are they?

4. Do you like to visit other people’s houses?


1. In your country, do any numbers have special meaning?

2. How do numbers help your life?

3. Are there any numbers or dates that you think are important to remember?

4. What important numbers have you memorized?

5. What’s your favorite number?

6. How often do you need to memorize a number?

7. How do you remember a number (or, numbers)?

8. Which do you think are easier to remember, names or numbers?


1. Do you have a dictionary?

2. Do you prefer or electronic dictionaries?

3. How would you feel if you receive a dictionary as a gift?

4. Do you use dictionaries frequently?



1. Are there many parks or public gardens around where you live (or, in your hometown)?

2. Do you like to go to park? Why?

3. How often do you go there?

4. Do you like outdoor parks or indoor parks?

5. Are there any changes that can be made to parks?

6. Is there a park that you go quite often recently?

7. What do you (like to) do when you go to a park or public garden?
8. What do other people do in these places?

9. Do you think parks and public gardens are important to a city?

10. Do you think every city and town should have parks and public gardens?

11. Which one do you like better, a garden or a park?

12. How to protect the facilities in the park?

13. When did you go to the park recently?

14. Which one do you think is better, a park that has natural scenery or a park that has good facilities?

15. Are public parks very important in Japan?

16. Are there any public gardens in Japan?

17. Do you think there are enough public gardens or parks in your hometown?

18. What do you think ate the benefits of having gardens in the city?

19. Why do people who live in cities like public gardens?


1. How many languages can you speak?

2. Describe a foreign language you study besides English.

3. How did you learn English?

4. Are there any other languages you desire to learn?

5. Why do you learn (上で答えた他の言語)French? Is it difficult to learn?

6. How do you think teachers can make foreign language classes more interesting?

7. Is it necessary for a school to teach foreign languages?

8. What languages can you speak? How did you learn them?

9. Is it easy or difficult to learn English?

10. What are the influences of learning a foreign language on people?

11. Is it necessary for everyone to learn a foreign language?